2021 Monthly Hair Care Plans

In 2021 I plan to be uber-focused on my fine natural hair. I’ll be cutting back on the frequent styling and the use of hair products and start following monthly hair plans.

monthly hair plans

Each month I will choose a specific set of hair products to use and hairstyles to do throughout the month. I will literally focus on doing ONE hairstyle the entire month.

This is taking planning to a new level. I’m up for it though. It’s time to reach those hair goals once and for all!

Speaking of planning, this way of caring for my hair was born out of new love of using a paper planner…the Happy Planner.

I’ve been “frankenplanning” my entire life and loving it. The Organized Money on Youtube was my inspiration. She publishes very informative videos on planning your life and your money.

I whole heartedly believe in planning every area of your life down to even your hair care.

Sneak Peak: Monthly Hair Plans

calendar for monthly hair plans

I don’t want to give it all away (plus I may change my mind some months) but below you’ll find a sneak peak into my hair plans for months January and February.

For the colder months, I”l be focusing on using very moisturizing and hydrating products. I’ll be styling in a way that’s protective and keeps my hair stretched at the beginning of the year.

Conversely, I’ll be wearing my hair out more in the warmer month and using hair products that provide a bit more hold.

January Monthly Hair Care Plans

Products: Clay washing + Paige Marie LLC deep conditioner + Pureauty Biotin Hair Growth Serum
Monthly Hairstyle: Braided Bun – I will be sharing the details on this style over on my other blog (which I haven’t updated in ages!) – The Serial Bunner

February Plans

Product Line: Moerie Hair Care (I’m picking up where I left off with this hair line in the month of November)
Monthly Hairstyle: Blown Out Hair in Loose Twists

There is a beauty of following a consistent hair plan using the same hair products and doing the same hairstyle. It’s low manipulation and really allows you to hone in and discover the hair products and hair styles your hair really likes.

Stay tuned for my hair plans each month. I will share them at the beginning of each month.

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Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area. She shares tips for those with low density or thin fine natural hair. Her writings are mainly centered around herbal hair care and sharing easy hairstyles. It’s her joy to inspire others using faith for living while caring for your “crown.”
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