5 Tips for Achieving the Perfect Twist out

One of the best protective styles to do for the winter season in my opinion is the twist out. This hairstyle is great because the air outside is getting colder, and bringing along dry air as well. So, you don’t really want to continue washing it once a week or once every two weeks. The longer you can appropriately go without wetting your hair the better. Plus, the smaller you do them, the more versatile the style becomes. So, here are my five tips for achieving the perfect twist out.

Tip 1 for the Perfect Twist out: Tackle the Middle Last

My first tip for the perfect twist out is to tackle the middle of your head last. If you have ever washed your hair then you’ve noticed the middle is usually the last to dry. By working from back to the front of your head will only cause you more work.

Instead, it is better to save the middle for last and work the back, the front, and both sides of your hair. Not only will you finish faster but the hair itself will be much easier to handle.

Tip 2 for the Perfect Twist out: Detangle Before & During Styling

The second tip for the perfect twist out is to make sure you are detangling the hair before and during styling. If you’ve been following my post for a while then you know detangling the hair prior to washing it prevents knots while shampooing.

Likewise, it’s equally important to thoroughly comb your hair right before twisting since your strands will be wrapping around each other.

The last thing you need is to create a huge knot when you shooting for a neat tangle-free style. Not to mention, the shedding hair you’ll experience throughout the week will only exacerbate this problem if left unchecked.

Tip 3 for the Perfect Twist out: Use Adequate Moisture

Tip number three for the perfect twist out is to use adequate moisture. The idea behind a protective hairstyle is to safeguard the hair for as long as you can until your next wash day.

Thus, you should coat the hair in enough product to keep it moisturized. It’s also important to maintain the moisture in your strands. It is not good for the hair to coat it once in the product and leave it alone until you wash it again. This will dry out your tresses for sure.

Instead, reapply whenever you feel the need to. I like to use a leave-in conditioner or spray a watered-down moisturizer on my hair twice a day. Additionally, I encourage the use of moose as it can provide moisture and help keep your twist looking fresh.

Tip 4 for the Perfect Twist out: Do Smaller Twist for a Longer Lasting Style

The next tip for the perfect twist out is to do smaller twists so that they last longer. When I first started doing my own hair I would style it in big twists mainly because it was easier to do.

Plus, it was the simplest way to achieve the look I wanted when I took them loose. That is until I discovered that braid-outs gave a deeper wave to my hair.

Anyway, when I began experimenting with smaller twists I found that they were ideal because they lasted a while and I could wear it in different styles. Also, I didn’t have to fix up because it was already done.

If I wanted to put it up I could or if I choose to style it in a ponytail that was also an option. It one of the most manageable and adaptable protective hairstyles I know. 

Tip 5 for the Perfect Twist out: Trim  the ends 

My final tip for the perfect twist out is trimming your ends. Prior to any hairstyle, it’s always a good idea to give your ends a trim so that it appears neat and orderly.

However, I’m talking about trimming the ends during the time you are wearing the hairstyle. Why? Because if you’re like me, then your hair sheds.

So, somehow the hair at the root of the scalp falls and makes its way down the twist only to stick out at the very end. You know it’s the shedding hair since it will extend far beyond the rest of the twist.

When you see it, trim it back to the normal length of the twist so that your ends don’t catch on any other part of the hair. Trimming additionally, keeps the hair looking fresh longer as you won’t have stringing strands hanging from the ends.

Final Thoughts

I adore twist outs. They were one of the first hairdos I ever learned how to do and my saving grace when my hair was too short to do many other styles. I’ve only grown more fond of them even as my hair grows to past my chest.

Twists are super easy to do regardless of a someone’s personal knowledge of hair. It’s a great protective style for the wintertime especially if you keep it moisturized and best of all you can wear it however you like.

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Until next time!

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Photo by Leighann Blackwood on Unsplash

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