I developed an interest in growing my natural hair. During my natural hair journey, I learned so much about my hair and how to take care of it as well as which products my hair loves.

This blog is about promoting healthy hair tips and maintain healthy hair. I will be sharing topics on how to make the hair grow and also products I use to strengthen my hair giving it the thick and shiny look as well as exploring natural hair styles.

It’s important to fall in love with your hair not someone else’s. We all have beautiful and unique hair. I love wearing my afro out because I have found the beauty in it. I learned so much about my hair, I discovered that my hair doesn’t grow straight, it coils. I embrace the shrinkage because it shows that my hair is healthy.

I’m hoping to learn, grow and interact with you and share more ideas on how to look beautiful in natural hair.

Healthy hair is happy hair❤️

Allhairloves, the art of beauty starts from the head 👑

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