At Home Professional Pedicures Worth Every Penny You Save!

At home professonal pedicures are becoing super popular and for good reason. It's safer to do them at home and you save a ton of money!

While many of us are staying close to home, the requires some sacrifices we did not expect. For ONE, beauty treatments we used to enjoy and take for granted are just too dangerous to venture out to get done.  It’s time to do some self-care that may take some work on your part and more effort than you are used too. At home professional pedicures are not as hard or even as expensive as you may think. Honestly, since I’ve been doing my own, I’ve noticed one big plus. My feet are way more soft than when I used to get them done and pay out the nose!

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As we venture into 2021, I’ve decided to add more videos to the blog and that meant starting in December 2020.  I was ready to do my monthly at home professional pedicures and decided to breakdown the process into 5 steps and share it with my favorite readers on the planet.

Pedicure are important. I also LOVE them because they can therapeutic and relaxing. With many of us living in drier climates, they are damn near necessary so getting them done are vital in a woman’s beauty routine. Now with Covid, many women are running around with cracked heels or still getting them done in dangerous situations. I’m doing neither. I’m simply doing them myself and have a stellar routine with 5 easy steps that require some work on your part, and some upfront costs.


Here’s a video I created today showing you how I do my professional pedicure. I get awesome results and softer feet than when I would get expensive spa pedicures for a lot of money!  I’ve listed each product I use and you can watch the video above to see why I use them, how I use them and the process step by step.

Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover – Foot file that is motorized, rechargeable and a great beauty tool every woman needs for amazing pedicures.

Ovitus Foot Spa Massager w/Heat – Great for pedicures but also just to get a acupressure, shiatsu, heating therapy, oxygen bubbles, and red light therapy all at once. Temperature controlled, on wheels and has a drainage hose for easy cleanup.

Gena Pedi-Scrub Gel – A deep exfoliating gel with Sea Kelp and Aloe Vera that conditions to safely cleanse and smooth rough, calloused skin.  I’ve been using this gel FOR YEARS!

Tweezerman Pedicure Stone – Two sided stone with a rough side for removing calluses and a fine side for smoothing skin.  Inexpensive and gets the job done.

Pamper Me Moisturizing Gel Booties – With heat-activated gel lining and sure-grip bottoms, you can moisturize your feet on the go, soothing irritated and dry skin while you walk

Gena Pedi Cure Foot Treatment Creme – Formulated to softens and condition dry skin leaving feet soft and smooth. Refreshing scent. Contains peppermint, lavender and menthol and another favorite of mine that I’ve been using for years.

Miracle Gel Nail Polish In Out Of This Pearl – Their ultimate chip-resistant nail polish is patented technology for longer wear and no UV lamp required.  Out of this pearl is the color.

Miracle Gel Top Coat – Their ultimate chip-resistant nail polish is patented technology for longer wear and no UV lamp required. This is a shiny top coat.


At home professional pedicures have been stepped up to more than just soaking your feet in a basin and polish.  While the upfront cost will be the greatest expense, you will end up saving hundreds of dollars, doing them at your convivence and staying safe all at the same time.  Your fee will thank you!


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