Fiery red

Redhead? No? Ok.

I just realized that it’s already been 4 weeks since I did a henna treatment on my hair. That means that am due for another one (like yesterday).

I also just remembered that I said that I’d used some kind of acid to make the henna paste. Not sure how I’ll go about that but I’ll figure it out before D-day. I have some apple cider vinegar so I’ll use that.

I don’t know what exactly am trying to achieve here. I initially thought I’d use the acid to cause the henna to dye my hair a little redder but after seeing these pics that I snapped on my way to work one morning, I don’t know how much redder I want my hair, or how much redder I can possibly get it.

See how my hair flares red when light hits it?

I often try to explain the effect of henna on my hair with regards to colour and well, I think the above collage explains that pretty well – something about a picture being ‘worth a thousand words’ comes to mind 😏

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