Good v Bad hair experiences

For many black women especially those with natural hair, doing their hair or going to the hairdresser’s can be a truly traumatic event. I am going to share some of my best and worst experiences of getting my hair did 💇🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️and hope you can join in and tell me all about yours!

One of my worst experiences I’ve had is going to the hairdresser’s on a saturday morning around 10a.m and ended up leaving at 10p.m. I was getting braids BUT it really shouldn’t have taken that long! The hairdresser at the time kept stopping and starting, asking me to wait for her to “quickly” tend to other double booked customers…. you can imagine as a teenager, I was tired and hungry and frustrated 😤😤

I have been to salons where they overcharge and at the end I haven’t seen quality in what I paid for. As a child, my dad ❤ used to take me to get my hair done and because he is a man and has no experience with it, they overcharged him, especially with braids, some hair dressers did it small at the front and back and in the middle just rush through making it so chunky that the only option I had was to tie my hair in a ponytail to hide the middle 😑😑🤔

These are some of the worst experiences I’ve had with getting my hair done. Unfortunately, because of things like this, a lot of black businesses experience:

  • loss of customers
  • get a bad reputation
  • clients are left with damaged hair and instead of going to the hair dressers to glow up and feel good, it ends up being a bad event.

……Which sucks!! 😔😤

These are some of the worst experiences I’ve personally had with hairdresser’s and salons that I’m sure a lot of black women can relate to. Luckily, I have had LOTS more good experiences with getting my hair done! Like, when I’m not sure about a style, I’ve had hairdressers that boost my confidence to do it! I’ve had hairdressers who ask questions about my hair, the type, products I use and sensitive parts of my head and adjust to my needs. I’ve also had hairdressers who do the hair like I show them in the picture or even better than it! Big up to those hairdressers and we want more experiences like these!! 👌🏿👐🏿


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