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There are several hair products that are available in the market that claims to make a difference in your hair and bring back the natural texture of your hair. The dilemma comes when you need to make a choice and gets confused. This is where we come rescue you and advice you some products that really help make your hair look amazing.

Here are some of the products that helps revitalize and revive your dead hair:

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T444z Hair Food

T444z hair products are known for their amazing properties of healing damage and chemically over processed hair. T444z Hair Food is a product by the brand which contains shea butter, aloe vera extracts, papaya fruit extracts, chamomile oil and castor oil. It helps repair your hair ends and removes split ends from your hair. It gives room for your hair to grow and helps make your hair look lively. Apply it regularly to improve texture in your hair.

How to Use T444z Hair Food

· Apply T444Z Hair Food to your cleansed

· Massage the hair food into your scalp  

· Rinse your hair with water  

· Style your hair as desired   

 PRO TIP: Use daily for excessively damaged hair 

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T444z Detox Cleanse Shampoo

T444z Detox Cleanse Shampoo can be used by men and women. It cleanses your hair scalp without scraping off the natural oils from your hair and it does not make your hair look dull and dry. It makes your hair soft, silky and make it detangle easily. It helps reduce hair fall from your hair and it makes your hair look amazing when you style them. You can flip your hair with confidence after using the product as it brings back the lost shine to your hair.

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How to Use T444z Detox
Cleanse Shampoo

· Make your hair dripping wet with water 

· Apply African Pride Natural Miracle
Anti-Humidity shampoo 

· Work it up to the length of your hair 

· Lather it well 

· Leave it for 2-5 minutes 

· Rinse your hair thoroughly  

 Repeat the above procedure at least 2 times a week.  

Where To Buy T444z Hair Food

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The hair products help make your hair look really amazing and you can apply them at least twice in a week. It helps your hair revive itself and it reduces the hair fall. You can use them to detangle your hair easily.

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