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High porosity hair ,This hair porosity type simple means the cuticle are raised,far apart and can absorb moisture quickly
It tends to loose it moisture quickly
A typical examples of a hair porosity hair is a blown dry hair,hair with chemical application
Although High porosity hair can be herithed

This hair porosity type has the following qualities:

It absorbs product easily
It’s easily saturated with water
Dries easily
It’s prone to breakage
Its usually frizzy
It feels dry

The goal of taking care of your hair it’s too make it healthy so as our hair porosity it has it’s main goal you must try to attain for it
For high porosity the gain is to retain moisture for long and reduce damage to the cuticle.Taking care of this hair porosity type can be done through this five measures

  1. Deep Conditioning
    Since high porosity to lose it moisture quickly a deep Conditioner does a great job in providing moisture, nourishment and softness to the high
    It’s advisable you do this twice a quick.
  2. Protein Treatment
    The purpose of this protein Treatment is to reduce breakage and help fill hair shaft gap
    This should be done twice in a month
  3. Sealants
    Sealants helps to lock in moisture this is why it’s added to hair especially high porosity hair which looses moisture fast . Sealants helps to smooth raised cuticle down and prevent moisture from escaping quickly.Good example of sealants are Sheabutter,Cocoa butter,olive oil.

Since cuticle remains open it’s prone to tangiling which can lead to hair breakage .it’s important you detangle your hair with a detangle brush or your finger nails.

  1. Avoid too much heat and chemicals
    Chemicals such as dye,relaxers should be avoided they tend to destroy hair strand ,Avoid too much heat they also destroy the hair strand

NOTE- Since high porosity hair breaks often and find it difficult to retain growth ,Avoid products with sulphate , silicones they tend to strip hair from natural oils
Minimize styling tool
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