How To Chelate Your Hair so it’s Always Silky Soft and Beautiful

Here I show you how to “chelate hair” How to strip the hair of dirt oil and products left in the hair. I show you a imple at home way to properly and effectively cleanse the hair do that you can get the most out of your favorite conditioner or deep conditioning mask. All you need is some dawn dish soap and a lemon. Two things found in most kitchens. PLease try out this safe way to get your hair down to basics for when you feel you need a fresh start! Thanks for watching! Please subscribe!

a little update:
Personally I haven’t actually chelated my hair since I started using the Monat products in my hair about 6 month ago because they’re so natural and cleansing for the hair, there’s no buildup of “gunk” which is what Chelating helps remove. if you want to learn more read my section on monat on my website:

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Here’s a link to the Dish soap i’m using:

Nail polish:
Morgan Taylor in “make me blush”

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