How To Do Your Natural Wash Hair Day Correctly

By: Sue Giplaye 

Originally written for SisCare.

Self-care is important. You have to make sure your hair is properly washed. If you neglect washing your hair, you will have to deal with buildup which will weigh down your natural tresses. This can weaken your curls and lead to breakage.  

What makes many wary of wash day is the tedious process. And the long tutorials on YouTube can get overwhelming. How can one get through the process simply and painlessly? 

Create A Schedule 

Simple Natural Hair Wash Day Routine - Trials N Tresses

You must plan and give yourself ample time to get things right. Your hair needs tender love and care. Don’t overcomplicate things. Book a monthly appointment with yourself and co-wash in between natural hair wash day. Save yourself money by learning how to wash your hair yourself. Create a daily agenda and make sure to implement your wash day on a day that is free from a lot of distractions. 


Full Natural Hair Wash Day Routine | 4A 4B 4C Hair | JumieAnne - YouTube
Image Credit: Youtube

Start your wash day with H20. When your hair is hydrated, it is easier to separate. It becomes stronger. Saturating your hair will save you from a lot of headaches and tears. Before you wash, its best you detangle and put your hair into 4 sections.  

Use a wide-tooth comb to slowly remove any knots, mats, and tangles. When you detangle in the mirror with a spray bottle, it will be easier to take out any knots. So, try to dampen your hair this way before you get into the shower.  

Apply A Clarifying Cleanser 

Clarifying scalp . Natural hair | Hair growth shampoo, Natural hair styles,  Exfoliate scalp

Use a mild clarifying shampoo or a gentle sulfate-free shampoo that will remove build-up from your scalp. Clarifying shampoos contain a stronger cleansing surfactant that will cut through your buildup. Before you wash your dishes, do you notice all the buildup and oil on your plate? A dishwashing liquid breaks through the oil and dirt and leaves your plate squeaky clean. This is the same thing that clarifying shampoos can do for your hair.  

Deep Condition 

Best Deep Conditioners For Dry Natural Hair - Trials N Tresses

Why are conditioners so important? 

They lock in moisture for your hair. The cuticle layer of your strands has to be regularly smoothed out. This will keep your hair strong and soft. Deep conditioners will slow split ends from forming. Give time for the conditioner to sit in your hair and penetrate. You want to add definition to your curls. If you want extra moisture, sit under a steamer. 

Wash With Cool Water 

Wash Day Teaches Black Women How To Care For Their Natural Hair - WWAC
Image Credit: Women Write About Comics

Cold water closes your pores, blocks dirt, and seals the moisture. When you reduce frizz, this can prevent the hair from tangling. Cold water can also enhance your moisture treatment. Once you have your conditioner rinsed out, you can move on to washing. 

Dry With a Towel Or T-shirt 

Wash Day' is a New Comic That Celebrates Black Hair. – SUPERSELECTED – Black  Fashion Magazine Black Models Black Contemporary Artists Art Black Musicians
Image Credit: Superselected

Allowing your hair to air dry can shorten the time. It also can prevent your hair from being damaged by an overheated dryer. When your hair is completely free from excess water, apply a leave-in moisturizer.  

The entire natural hair wash day process should only take 2 hours. If you keep to your regimen, you will start to see results. Your hair will thank you throughout the month. 

What are the methods that you use to wash your hair? Comment below. 


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