How To Lift and Brighten your blonde in one step, without bleach!

In this video I show you some Hair tips on how to Lift and brighten your lifeless, flat blond hair, to a beautiful buttery bright blond color you have always wanted without bleach and no damage. You can even try this on balayged hair. I show you professional hair color at home with the magic of a highlift color on already blond hair. This will not make brown hair blond, but it will add vibrancy, tone and lift all in one step to your hair. If you were feeling you needed a refresh on your highlights or light blond hair, here you go. Try this out!

Products used:

highlift color in 11A by CHi color (1 part)
Chi, 20 vol. developer (2 parts)

mix the developer and color and apply at the roots first then through the hair.

Leave color on for 15 mins to process.

Then shampoo and condition

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ANd ENJOY your beautiful blond color!!

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