How To Take Care Of Your Lockdown Curly Locks

Leave Your Curls Alone

You’ll probably get through this post in a few minutes, the reason being there’s not much to say other than “leave your curls alone”. It’ll be the best thing you can do for your hair as we navigate our way through lockdown.

It cannot be stressed enough the amount of upside you’ll get from not manipulating your curls, namely:

  • hair length retention
  • reduced hair breakage
  • reduced hair shedding
  • fewer single strand knots
  • reduced split ends

Consequently your hair will be thicker, stronger, longer, moisturized and most importantly healthy. 

To be clear we’re not saying leave your hair in braids, twists, protective styles, pineapples or high buns for weeks on end with out caring for your curls.

We’re not advocating that you neglect deep conditioning and cleansing routines. Your regular maintenance, regimens and routines should be undertaken. And this time in lockdown is an opportune time to use the plethora of unused products you have in your bathroom cabinet.

And just know if you just let your hair hang out you’ll notice that when we’re all able to be out and about, travelling, going to restaurants, visiting family and friends and going out for drinks you’ll be turning heads and getting compliments because of your fabulous  mane.

Self Care

You’ll have missed the regular trips to your stylist  (if you don’t have a stylist check out the amazing stylists in our post “The Best Clean Beauty Brands & Hair Stylists To Support In 2020”) where you would get your treatment, color or cut.  If your stylist’s salon is closed or they’re only taking a few clients, consider pampering yourself and your hair at home until your next visit.

We’ve put together some perfect pamper yourself tips for all curly hair types. For a great all round self care routine, follow these 11 steps until your next scheduled hair appointment.

Inspiration For Self Care During Lockdown

  • Ensure your scalp is cleansed regularly to avoid clogged hair follicles
  • Satin scarves can be worn during the day (if you don’t have zoom calls scheduled) not forgetting they are essential at night
  • Style your curls in protective twists and you can cleanse and condition whilst your hair is in twists
  • If you prefer not to wear your hair in twists or in a pineapple determine your own go to style and let it hang out
  • Ensure your cleansing and moisturizing routines are carried out with great quality natural products
  • Refresh and moisturize your curls on a consistent basis and then you can be sure your hair will be healthy.
  • Meditate and clear your mind
  • Treat yourself to a DIY facial, pedicure and manicure
  • Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary  with plants, essential oils and candles
  • Exercise, go for walks and get some fresh air
  • Eat balanced meals and drink water regularly
Luxju - At Home Facial
At home hair conditioning and facial
Luxju - Self Care At Home
Make your bathroom into a sanctuary
Luxju - At Home Manicure
At home manicure

Do you have any tips for for self care at home? Let us know about them in the comment section below.

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