Life lately

I straightened my hair again.

And managed to burn myself! 😭

Beauty is pain. No?

I think I’ll be straightening my hair once a month like I used to at the beginning of my hair journey. I like having my hair down even though it’s a bit tricky to wear it like that while at work. About the burn mark on my hairline, it’s right above an old one I gave myself years ago. Am just here branding myself it seems. Let’s not even mention the sizzling sound that came with the burn. Whew!

Recent purchases

Recent purchases

I thought I had enough hair products to last me 3 months…I was wrong. Although to be quite honest am quite heavy-handed with the deep conditioner. I really love the Cream of Nature hair milk. I had only bought one bottle of it and decided to repurchased it before I run out. The one product I really want and can’t seem to find anywhere is Tresemmé’s moisture rich conditioner.

Consistent deep conditioning sessions

Deep conditioning my hair with heat

Am so proud of how consistent I have been with deep conditioning my hair. I do it every 4 days which is one to two times a week depending on which day of the week wash-day falls (is that even right?) Am keeping my hair straight for the week so wash day will have to wait.


Remember when I said I’d buy Tomi Adeyemi’s ‘Children of virtue and vengeance’? Well I did but haven’t started reading it yet. I stumbled upon some smutty romance reads and well, that’s what I’ve been up to.


I have a paper coming up soon. I will probably do it online because the pandemic has us doing stuff like that. I get a lot of my studying done at work during overnight shifts because there aren’t that many patients coming in. Most wait for the curfew hours to come to an end for them to come to hospital so I have a lot of free time to myself. I found an empty room to study in which is great.



I have to point out that am not an artist and this is not an original creation by me. I found it online and just recreated it. It’s not complete. I find drawing like this to be really relaxing for me – even though I never quite finish the drawing. Simple focus that grounds me.


Workwear drawer

Staying indoors most of the time has me doing all kinds of stuff. I decided to move all my workwear to a single drawer. That’s not all of it though because – laundry day. I like to think that I take on a minimalist approach when it comes to clothing. Seems like I wear the same thing everyday in black, white or grey. I have a few pops of color here and there but not much. My clothing tends to be more on the comfy side so I have tights and tanks which I wear under my scrubs, tee shirts and jeans, turtleneck tops for overnight shifts to battle the cold, and long sleeve workout tops which I like to wear for the hour long walk I take back home from work. I also have socks and essentials in there too. You have no idea how organized this makes me feel.

Lounge wear


Like I said, comfy. And what says comfy better that sweats? Ok. Yes. I wear too much black but I like to think I have a colorful mind – and nails! Anyone else living In loungewear?

Fav snack – pastry corner

Avocado & eggs on toast

Avocado and egg on toast

I used to eat this Sometimes twice a day but after my family expressed their concern about how many eggs I was eating I decided to take a break. But seriously, avocado and (sunny side up) egg on toast with some chili powder, salt and pepper, and sauce to top it off? You’ve got to try it.

Stopover point when am in that part of town

This pastry corner at Tuskys supermarket was my stopover every time I went to this particular supermarket. My love for baked goods is too much. Will I ever try going Keto even for a bit? I should really because my waistline and face are telling stories 😅

That’s all for now.

I wish you all a great week!

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