LOC method

Why is important to do loc method?

Loc method is known as Liquid or leave in conditioner, Oil and cream or butter.

Loc method promote healthy hair because it keeps the hair well moisturised. Let’s break it down on how does loc method work.


Water or leave in conditioner is used to moisturise the hair. Remember not to touch your hair when it’s dry that’s why you need to spray water or leave in conditioner to your hair. The hair is like a plant, you need to use more water to keep your natural hair moisturised and healthy. Hair love water.


Oils are used to lock in the moisture after you have used your liquid. My hair loves thicker oil, while other people’s hair might love light oil. Remember oil is not a moturiser, it is used to lock in the moisture same as when the hair is dry it can lock in the dryness in the hair.


After you have used water and oil then you need to use cream to seal in the moisture in your hair shaft.

This method depends on the type of your hair. You don’t have to moisturise your hair everyday. We all have different hair. For example my hair is super dry so I use loc method each and everyday to avoid brittle and dry hair. Your hair might be different from my hair. Remember to condition your hair every week to remove products build up and to keep your hair healthy and clean.

Healthy hair is happy hair 👑❤️

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