My first time making a wig!

After watching many youtube videos I was truly inspired and thought this is gna be so easy. I mean its basically a weave without an annoying client moving their head about right?
Wrong! So I made my first wig last night for my sister for her birthday, I’ve literally had so many requests of people asking whether I do custom made wigs. Well the reason its taken me so long to do is because its very long and is a lot harder than it seems!

The key things to you’ll need to make one are:
-wig cap
-bundles & lace closure
-mannequin head
-drawing pins (optional)
And NETFLIX for entertainment


This was my end result

The main problems I encountered were:

I used a polystyrene mannequin and it was so hard to keep it still, after sewing the closure first, it weighed the manniquin head forward so I had to keep adjusting it.
Next time I’ll try using a better more stable manniquin head made with different material.
Another tip I found on youtube to counter this was to use drawing pins to hold the cap and especially the closure in place as you sew.
I think the polysterone/ foam head is good for AFTER you’ve made the wig to keep it in good condition.

It was a lot easier using sharper C curved needles rather than straight or blunt needles so make sure you have good quality needles either from the hair shop or sewing needles.

My biggest problem was that the cap had shrunk after I finished spending all of my time and effort sewing that!!!!!!😑🤔

I had to go over and re do a few tracks making them looser and ended up cutting lines in the actual cap to create more space.
I would also get a bigger weave cap than necessary next time because I think adjusting a big cap to make it smaller is a lot easier and less destructive to the  cap than adjusting a small cap to make it bigger.

The end results are totally worth it though and I’m still in the process of styling it 😊.

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