My natural hair journey- Advice on the big chop

I did the big chop in September 2016. I didn’t even know what I expected my natural hair would look like. The main reasons I did the big chop were to see my hair in its fully natural state for the first time since I was a baby, I have really sensitive scalp and the relaxer, hair dyes and chemicals were making it worst, I was relaxing my hair too frequently (every 6 weeks) and it was still very full and thick, I was so inspired by so many family and friends who had done it and it was really about building my identity which includes my look.


Since doing the big chop I haven’t regretted doing it at all and I have to say it has not been easy!! There is so much to learn and you have to be fully committed or you’re just going to end up relaxing your hair after a few months.
I’m a year and a half into my big chop and this is actually the fastest rate my hair has ever grown, it looks and feels so healthy and full!
BUT it’s not easy to maintain, it’s so hard to comb or detangle, SHRINKAGE is real and it takes a lot more time to do and maintain.
Key advice I would give to anyone considering doing the big chop are to:
1. Always sleep with a silk head scarf/bonnet (avoids frizz)
2. Get a wide tooth comb; the proper big ones and an afro comb (preferably NOT the metal or wooden one)
3. DEEP CONDITIONER and treatments; treat your hair once a month
4. Trim every 2/3 months
5. Learn to do twists, Bantu knots and simple cornrows!
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