OlaPlex No:3 Hair Perfector Review

Even when my hair was still damp, I could tell the mask had made a huge difference. It felt thicker, stronger, and more…cohesive, if that makes sense? There were no little runaway hairs straying from the crowd and creating a light layer of frizz. As my hair dried I could see that it was more voluminous than usual. This was exactly what I wanted! It had a more natural lift at the roots. It felt and looked fuller, with a little more body and movement. Yay!

I have naturally wavy hair, which veers closer to curly under the right circumstances. The OlaPlex No:3 didn’t make my hair curly, as such, but it did create deeper, more fuller waves which framed my face. I didn’t expect this result but I’m so stoked it happened!

One of the best aspects I have found is that my hair stays cleaner for longer. I’m currently sitting here with clean, voluminous hair on a Saturday morning. I used the Olaplex No:3 on Thursday night, and I honestly can’t see myself needing to wash my hair again until Monday. I don’t quite know how this works…but hey, I’m not about to question it!

Olaplex products review

Hands down, yes and yes.

I’m pretty lazy with my hair. I wash it then leave it to dry. I add a little dry shampoo when the roots are greasy, and spritz it with hair perfume when I remember to. I very rarely go to the hairdresser and I never get treatments done. Because of my fabulous shade of natural gingery-red, I have never dyed it.

Despite all of this, I really do want to have luscious, full, healthy hair without the effort. I find that the OlaPlex No:3 truly does work the way I want it to, and it’s easy. It’s not the cheapest product around, but for me, the results justify the cost.

If you want something to make your hair look freshly-treated, freshly-cut, healthy, voluminous and with a little extra luster, I would recommend the OlaPlex No:3. Now, as previously mentioned, I am by NO means a hair expert, quite the opposite. But my experience with this particular product was a resounding success.

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