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Welcome to another interview post! I enjoy doing these interviews so much. Hearing people’s journey and their motivations is so fascinating to me. Enitan is a tax accountant turned hair coach. She is a very detailed and voracious learner and you can see this is in how she went about preparing for her own hair journey which saw her go from short to waist length hair in a period of 3 years. Now, Enitan has a healthy hair studio where she coaches clients on personal hair care. She also has an online store where she sells really solid hair care products – I can testify. There is a giveaway that will be announced at the end of this post, so stay tuned!

How did Enitan Hair Coach begin? 

Before all of this, I didn’t think it was possible to be fully black and have long, thick, healthy hair. I had never seen anything like that in close proximity. All my reference points where somebody on YouTube and I wasn’t even into YouTube then. I would see people’s hair in movies too but it was always too far away for it to be real, so it was never a goal I desired to chase. Until I met a black woman who was also Yoruba like me, that had really long hair. That caught my attention and grew my curiosity. It made me think about what she must be doing right. So I started to look out for information on healthy hair. My curiosity led me to journals and articles about having healthy hair. I studied for about 9 months before I decided I was ready to begin my health hair journey. By doing that, I eliminated a lot of trial and error.  

I began the journey and it went much better than I expected. I reached waist length in about 3 years from when I first started the journey. I was posting my progress on my personal page on instagram at the time. I got a lot of questions about what I was doing to grow my hair. The questions poured in. People would ask if I do hair and I would say no. And then one day somebody asked me the exact same question about me doing hair. But this time, for some reason, I read it differently and thought to myself “what happens if I just say yes”. So I decided to start the healthy hair studio.

I announced on my page that I was going to offer this service and put up my calendar. By the end of that day, I had been booked every day for 6 weeks! I was shocked. I quickly turned my kids’ playroom into a hair studio, bought four things: a mirror, a chair, a table, and steamer. I did not know what to call it at the time but I knew that I wanted to be that person that people could come to, who understood hair and where people would feel comfortable in the way their hair was being cared for. I didn’t have that for myself and so I wanted to be that for others. 

I did not have a name for what it was I did. I was not a hair dresser and I was not a stylist. I would help people out with understanding their hair, caring for their hair, and styling it in like 2 strand twists. They would take notes and learn how to care for and understand their hair. One day, one of my clients posted about her hair progress with me and she said “thank you, hair coach!” And that was it. That’s where Enitan Hair Coach came from. In running the hair studio and expanding my knowledge, I have studied trichology and formulation of ingredients and I keep learning from experts and those knowledgeable in their field. 

I didn’t see the point of protein treatments for my hair until I started following your pageIt seems to me like there’s still a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to protein versus moisture. Many people seem to value moisture over everything else. So between protein and moisture, is there one that is more important than the other? And if there is, which one is it? 

They both serve different purposes. It’s like with our diet: when you eat fish, vegetable, and you eat rice, they do different things in the body. One is not more important than the others. The same applies to hair.

Protein in hair is often neglected because of social media. 

When I first started my hair journey, almost everybody said you should not use protein, especially if your hair is low porosity, because it will make the hair hard and stiff. The core job for moisture is mostly elasticity, meaning flexibility. The core job for protein is often misunderstood.

When I first started learning, I looked at protein solely as structure. In my studies and making my own protein defense product, my understanding has grown even further to the point where I know that you can actually use protein – the right type of protein – to reduce moisture loss, to encourage flexibility, and to hold on to water for longer time frame. You can use protein to elongate the moisture from the moisturizing treatment you would have done previously. But nobody really thinks about protein like that. Traditionally, protein is used to fortify the hair. Protein is used to build resilience in the hair. Protein is used to create breakage-resilient hair. If you marry that with the flexibility and elasticity from moisture, that is what healthy hair looks like.  

Healthy Hair is a perfect marriage between elasticity from moisturizing treatments and resilience from protein treatments. Click To Tweet

So is it possible to have too much moisture in your hair? 

You can have too much moisture just like you can have too much protein in your hair. You can have too much of everything. Too much moisture in your hair will give you something known as Hygral Fatigue. Too much moisture in the hair will make your hair feel gummy. Most people confuse that feeling with “oh my hair is so soft, I love that.” There is a difference between healthy moisture feeling and an overly stretched or overly elastic hair as a result of too much moisture. This state of too much moisture actually weakens the hair. So when people do things like wrapping their hair overnight with a moisturizing treatment, yes, it will feel very soft the next morning but the more often you do that, the worse your hair gets over time. You end up weakening the bonds of the hair and then you start to experience breakage. Another mistake people make is running water through their hair in the shower and combing their hair as the water runs through. In that moment, sure, your hair feels flexible enough to comb easily but you do that too often and your hair becomes weak from soaking too much water.  

You mentioned that it’s also possible for you to have too much protein. What does that look like? 

Too much protein, if you have protein overload, can make your hair feel a bit brittle and it can make your hair feel stiff. It is important to not confuse protein overload stiffness with dryness. If your hair is dry, it can feel hard and brittle. This has nothing to do with protein overload. 

Right now, ayuverdic treatments seem to be making the rounds in the hair community. I asked on my IG page what protein treatments people use and I got some responses saying they use henna and some other ayuverdic herbs. I know those herbs are strengthening but can they used as protein treatments? 

People use henna as a protein treatment because henna and other herbs have a reputation of making the hair hard. Now, just because your hair is hard does not mean that it has been strengthened. 

The work of ayuverdic herbs is on the cortex of the hair. They deposit their quality on the surface of the hair, so you will get a result on the surface, but it will do absolutely nothing to the core of your hair. This is because these herbs do not have the ability to penetrate the hair shaft. So they cannot replace protein treatments. You can do your ayuverdic treatments but you do them in addition to protein treatments and not instead of. 

What is your take on people using food items like eggs, mayo, rice water, as protein treatments? 

Most people use eggs and mayo in their hair because when you Google protein treatments for hair, that’s the first thing that comes up. You see these things on websites that are reputable like Vogue. So I mean, when a person sees this on reputable sites, why won’t they listen? But again, these will only work on the surface. They don’t have the ability to penetrate the hair shaft. Look at it this way. When you eat food, they go through the digestive system and are broken down into pieces that can then be absorbed into your system to distribute their benefits. Your hair does not have the ability to break down these food items to the size that they need to be in order to offer any real benefit to your hair.  

Let’s talk about your Protein Defense. How did that product come about? 

Before I created my protein defense, there were traditional protein treatments like Aphogee. The job of these were to fortify and strengthen the hair and so most people tend to not like them because they leave the hair feeling a little hard. However, these traditional protein treatments are meant to be followed up with mositurizing treatments to bring about a balance. But many people don’t do that.  

I came up with the protein defense because for a long time, I ran away from protein because I did not want to have to do 2 treatments. So I wanted a way to get both treatments in a way that can be customized to my hair needs and be able to do that in just one treatment. Which is why the protein defense is made to be mixed with a conditioner of your choice. 

To wrap this up, is there one ridiculous thing that you’ve heard when it comes to protein treatments or hair care in general that just made you laugh or just sounded bonkers? 

Oh, there have been so much! There is one where a lady put sperm on her scalp! Yes! She said she read that sperm can regenerate lost hair and makes the hair grow and so she put some in her hair, wrapped it up and went to bed. The next morning, she went to her stylist to go wash off her “sperm treatment”. There have been a lot of crazy things but this one tops the chart for me. 

Is it just me that learnt so much from this interview?!

Enitan can be reached on instagram. Her handle is @enitanhaircoach

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Are protein treatments a part of your routine? Tell me.

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