Summertime ☀️🌝🌞

Sun’s out! Afro’s out! For a lot of us the sun inspires us to wear our natural hair wild and free because we take that extra minute to look extra good. Its not cold and miserable and our hair style is less likely to get messed up by the rain!

However the sun comes with humidity and can dry out natural hair causing heat damage, making it frizzy and causing split ends.
Check out this post from curly hair lounge that explains damage of the sun in even more detail and recommends specific products like coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil with the best SPF values providing more moisture and protection from the sun.

So we need to make sure to MOISTURIZE and incorporate hair care and protection in our summer styling options.

I use a hair mask every 4-6 weeks that cleanses my hair in between protective styles; drawing out dirt and build up, then I use a deep conditioner to treat my hair and return the moisture alongside a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil.

Apart from the typical wash and go and twist out, to minimise sun damage you can also style your hair with head wraps/ turbans or wear a hat.

Lastly make sure you eat right (fruits and veg, proteins and vitamins) AND DRINK TONNES OF WATER!!

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