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Are you meant to wash braids? How do I reach my scalp under a weave? How do I reduce product build up? Why is it so itchy? How do I keep it neat? How long should I keep it in for? 🤔🤔

These are all frequent asked questions when it comes to protective styling. Following my blog post on how to prepare hair before a protective style is definitely the first step.
Once your hair is styled it is important how you keep it and it all depends on hair type and the needs of your scalp.

Braids and twists :
-YES you can wash your braids every couple of weeks if you want. However I advise you only wash it when its necessary like when there’s a lot of product build up or if it starts to smell.

-To wash braids its the same process shampoo and conditioner or you could simply cowash with just conditioner and use your finger tips NOT your nails to massage your scalp.
Additionally you could use dry shampoo to spray your scalp and avoiding using too many products once your braids are done unless you have dry scalp.


Weave/ crochet:
-Same as above less is more! With weaves especially virgin hair, you must keep the weave clean to maintain it in good condition. With washing weaves its best to divide it into 2 parts and wash in a downwards sweeping motion. Don’t be too harsh on the weave and don’t scrub because it will knot. Again use your finger tips between the track lines to massage your scalp.

-Additionally use a drop of hair serum on the weave after you’ve finished drying it and also only air dry unless you are in a rush and absolutely need to use a blowdryer.

– Likewise only keep weaves in maximum 6-8 weeks. Let your scalp breath and if possible change it every month!

-Wigs are most convenient, do your cornrows on clean dry hair weekly or every 2 weeks and wash in between cornrows.  You can take the wig off every day or as frequently as you like. This allows your scalp to breathe and the wig to air out because the cap can get very hot and sweaty and even smelly.

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