That blunt cut was calling out to me!


Now I know what I said previously about letting my hair grow in its natural v-shape but this happened. I cut my hair. Not a whole lot but, yea. It somehow took on a u-shape but whatever. It’s better than the v.

It was unplanned. I had just finished moisturizing and sealing my hair after washing it, had it all combed back to start air drying it, didn’t like the way it looked at the back and so I snipped off an inch and a half of hair. One inch was pretty good hair but the bottom – the half inch – was wispy, so it’s okay that I cut it.

I don’t know what’s going on with the middle there. Looks like I have some kind of breakage…not sure how or why that’s happening.

Am not going to make any promises about not cutting my hair for the rest of this year. I know I’ll snip off more hair and see myself ending the year (if God wills it) with even shorter hair.

So. That’s that.

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