The Curly girl method.

So as we all no over the past couple of months things have been SHIT to put it frankly and we are all busy trying to get back some normality. 

I am excited to be back to work and now have more time to blog and review products to give you the low down on the latest trend and so on… 

Let us get straight to the point on why I have reviewed the curly girl method or as I think it should be called education for curly hair. Now we all no with a little research and little practise we can train our selves. My opinion is all this is a very clever detailed instruction Manuel that has been created by Lorraine Massey to educate the nation on unruly hair. (Great) 

He’s where it goes a bit wrong now that companies have cottoned on they are releasing starter kits for that 30day curl bla, bla, blah and its no-poo doo. 

Also here comes the Chinese whispers I was told by a lady the other day that has been following this method that she wanted to use her products. She pulled out 2 products from her bag and pop them on the side. 

Here they are… 


Now I might not be a scientist but I can say without any pauses that this product is not natural or naturally derived from the flower form. Propane, butane and fragrancies to hide the fact that this product actually should be banned from your bathroom cabinet. Now when this product was in view I decided to let her explain why this product was good to use in the method that is supposed to be free from paraben, sulphates and harmful chemicals. The answer was as aspected it was on the approved products list. Now I decided to do some research and there is an ingredients analyser where you enter the product ingredients and it tells you if it’s safe and I am sorry to say this product is not safe. So let’s make sure we are following the rules.


Now, this product is defiantly approved and after a quick sniff, I decided to do some research at £12.00 this product will help define your curl and comes in different sizes and smells slightly minty. I have recently used this product my self and I can say that this product is (know your hair approved) and is free of silicones, sulphates and Parabens. My favourite ingredient is spearmint which has a soothing and cooling effect helping to calm the scalp and your need if you going to continue to use Pantene curl mousse.

The Rules 

So the method has worked for thousands of people but this trend is education and understanding your hair. Don’t get carried away with Chinese whispers and Instagram icons remember the following rules 

​Don’t forget to prep using a good clarifying shampoo get all those bad chemicals out.

Throw away all them random shampoos you have collected over the years. The reason for this is because your more educated now you understand why there are harsh, drying sulphates and ammonium laureate sulphate which will only make your hair frizzy.
Let’s go shopping, time to do your research lets get online and get the goods.
You will need the following.
• Leave-in Conditioner 
• Gels / Mousse to help define those curls
• (Serum]
Let’s go get a hair cut, lets cut them ends off. PS…You don’t need to go to some crazy expensive salon that has been curly girl trained your having the ends cut off not a full restyle go to a salon you are comfortable and explain your new routine.
Time to start your new routine and don’t forget when drying your hair keep the heat low. 
For more info, you can google search curl and your be inundated.​

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