This is how I rejuvenate my curls

I want to preface this post by saying this is NOT sponsored – this is simply a product I’ve been using for the past year that WORKS MAGIC! 

When it comes to my hair care, I’m especially particular. I’ve tried tons of products over the years, only to return to my tried and true favorites time and time again.

After I had my daughter last year though, my hair was in the worst shape it had ever been. It was dry, lifeless and my curls were stringy and in need of some major TLC. I’m convinced that pregnancy hormones had taken almost all my curl away, and thanks to color processing and a bad highlight job the year before, I needed something to give my locks life again. I tried everything from salon treatments to products recommended by curly YouTubers and everything in between, with hopes of getting my curls back in shape. Nothing worked.

After reaching out to a hairstylist on social media, open to trying anything at that point, he recommended I try this deep conditioner, and after using it just once, my natural curl pattern came back! All I did was follow the directions on the container to use it like a deep conditioning treatment, and my hair was moisturized, glossy and full of life again!

Now, whenever my curls need to bounce back after heat processing (which I only do about 1-2 times per year) or the changing weather, I use this intense moisture mask and it re-sets my curls, so to speak.

Hair Curb
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