Tips on How to Sleep Comfortably with a Big Hair Style

Comfortably falling asleep when wearing a big and beautiful hairstyle can be a challenge. You need to find ways to have your hair make space for you to sleep without straining your neck or back. There are different methods you can try which also depend on the type of hairstyle that you are wearing. Here are some of the tips that you can try to comfortably sleep when wearing a big hairstyle. 

  1. Invest in Quality Pillows 

Quality pillows help to prevent neck and back strain that sometimes occurs when you are sleeping. If you wake up feeling as if your neck has been strained and your back is heavy or has pins and needles, your hairstyle may have been the reason for this. You may have been sleeping in such a position where you are avoiding to squash your hairstyle such as a braided pin-up. 

You can find insightful reviews on quality pillows if you check out Such pillows help in making your neck and head aligned in such a way that also facilitates your spine to be comfortably positioned. You may need to try a few pillows before you figure out the one that works best for you. 

  1. Prop Pillows Up 

You can try finding a comfortable position by using multiple pillows to prop yourself up. You can place a pillow on your lower back, one for your upper back, and neck. The pillow that supports your neck will also support your hairstyle instead of trying to have your shoulders, neck, head and hairstyle on a singular pillow. This will give you more space to sleep comfortably. 

  1. French-Braid Your Hair

If you are wearing box braids, for example, you can try to sleep comfortably by French braiding the extensions into one long braid. This will mean that when you sleep, you won’t have multiple long strands of extensions interfering with your sleeping space. Long extensions can also make sleeping difficult because of the heat that these can generate – however, a singular French braid can help prevent this issue. 

  1. Style in a Halo Braid

Long weaves or braids can be styled in a halo braid to avoid interference when sleeping. A halo braid is a single braid that is styled around your head in the shape of a halo. This style means that there is no single strand of hair or braid that will be in your way when you are sleeping. When you undo the halo braid in the morning, not only will you be rested but your hair-style may have taken a wavy-shape form. 

  1. Tie a High Bun 

If your big hairstyle is one that in un-pinned, you can tie it up in a high bun before you go to bed. A high bun gets all strands out of your face, meaning you’ll get a comfortable sleep. Make sure that the high bun is loosely tied because if it’s tight you might not sleep comfortably as your scalp will be tugged on. 

Extreme close up beauty portrait of young african woman showing long braided hair next to face.
  1. Undo the Style 

If you had a big hairstyle for a particular occasion, you can undo the style before you sleep. For example, if you wore a pin-up bun for a wedding, the bun is easily removed by taking out the pins that would have been attached to your hair. If you wish to continue wearing the pin-up braids or extensions, you should remove the pins carefully and neatly which will make styling simple the following day. 

  1. Wrap Your Hair 

You can wrap your hair in a headscarf to make sure that the style keeps in place while you comfortably sleep. If you are worried about messing up your hair, you may spend the night in a position that isn’t best for you. However, a headwrap will keep the hair in place. Make sure that you use a silk headscarf as silk won’t absorb moisture from your hair. 

  1. Switch on the Fan

If you are wearing your big hair in hot weather, you might need to switch on a fan in your room. Big hair may cause you to sweat, which is a factor that leads to restless sleep. Some catch a cold by sleeping in a room with a fan on throughout the night. If this is the case you can switch on the fan on full blast before you go to bed as a way of cooling the room. Once you get into bed you can switch off the fan and switch it back on only when you feel uncomfortably hot. 

  1. Dress Lightly

To avoid overheating in your big hairstyle when you sleep, you can dress lightly when you go to bed. Sleeveless nightwear is best in the case that your big hairstyle can’t be tied up and away from your shoulders. Materials such as fleece and cotton may contribute to the uncomfortable sleeping situation by adding more heat. 

  1. Sleep Without Blankets 

Sleeping without blankets when wearing a big hairstyle can help you feel cooler. Also, removing blankets means your hair won’t get trapped in them as blankets can be a destruction for big hair. Hair getting trapped in the blankets may be one of the reasons why you continuously toss and turn meaning your sleep quality will be poor. 


Sleeping comfortably when wearing a big hairstyle may require trying out a few methods. You can invest in quality pillows that align your neck, head, and shoulders to avoid waking up in pain. Propping up these quality pillows may also help you position comfortably. 

 You can also find different ways of tying your big hair such as in a French braid, halo braid, or a high bun. Depending on the style you can also undo it before going to bed and then re-style the next morning if possible. Wrapping your hair in a silk headscarf is also a method that gets all strands and braids out of your way as you sleep. You can also make sure that the room feels comfortable enough to sleep in by switching on a fan and removing blankets from the bed.

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