Try this Hair Puff Balls hairstyle on your little girl

The caption for @shanillia26 Instagram video says it all for this cute “hair puff balls” hairstyle for our little girls: “If you can’t beat the puffiness…join it”.  And who wouldn’t want to join it, and wear a dynamic hairstyle like this beauty.

If you want to achieve this hairdo, a professional natural hairstylist should not have any problem dupilicating the look. However, for all you DIY moms out there, the style does not look too difficult to take on. All you need is time and patience.


As stated by @shanillia26:

“…actually it took sixty minutes for a hairdo that will last 2 weeks.”

“I left it in for 2 weeks. Could have gone longer cuz it still looked very neat though. There was no specific after effect, no matting or extreme tangles or extra hairloss. Definitely going to do this again!”

Hair Puff Balls hairstyle “how-to” tutorial

Supplies needed:

  • Curling cream or styling custard
  • Small rubber bands or elastic bands
  • Rattail comb (for parting, not combing)
  • Barrettes or braid/loc hair cuff clips (optional)

Hair Puff Balls hairstyle

Simple steps for the style:

  1. Section hair in 1 inch alternating squares as you go.
  2. Add styling product to the section
  3. Evenly, secure rubber bands down the section 1 to 2 inches apart. (depending on how big you want the puffs)
  4. Continue until the entire head is completed.
  5. Add barrettes to the ends or braid/loc hair cuff clips over a few rubber bands for embellishments.



  • You can add braids or flat twists in the front, instead of the 1 inch square sections, for add flare and uniqueness.
  • Be careful installing and taking out the rubber bands. They can cause breakage and damage to the hair, if misused.
  • Do not keep style in longer than 2 weeks to prevent matting and tangles.

natural hair puff balls

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