What is Olaplex? Do You Need It? How To Use + Professional Review and Experience

In this video, I finally do my long awaited video review about Olaplex. The in-salon treatment for better blonding and lighting with no breakage and no Brass. I have now started offering it as a service in my Salon in San Francisco. I explain the chemistry behind the actual product and Show you some examples of MY work using Olaplex.! and then a more Client friendly explanation on what it does for your hair. How you can go blonder than you have ever been able to go before and how it will actually heal your hair from the inside making the outside shinny and beautiful and strong!. Please leave your experience with Olaplex below.! please subscribe and thanks for watching!!

Olaplex recently came out with a brand new line of At Home Treatments: (a Shampoo and Conditioner, Bond Smoother and Oil: No 4,5,6,7) – it’s pretty amazing stuff. Check it out here: http://olaplex.com?aff=1753

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