Why You Should Use a Deep Conditioner

Everyone knows that
luscious locks are a woman’s prized possession. However, what many of us aren’t
aware of is that some ladies weren’t just
with it. Instead, they religiously use a deep conditioner every week
or so to ensure their hair stays beautiful for many years to come.

To some, deep conditioning may sound like a huge hassle. In today’s society, we don’t have time to wait for products to work! Nevertheless, patience is a virtue we ought to nurture, and there’s no better place to start than in the shower. Fascinating but not surprising at all, here are the benefits a deep conditioner could bless us with.

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#1 Keeps Our Hair Healthy

Even something as simple
as tying our hair in a ponytail could damage it, so harsher processes such as
bleaching could very well destroy it. As such, by avoiding deep conditioners or
thinking that regular ones are the only level of care our hair needs, we’re
actually risking a lot more than a good hairstyle.

It’s true that deep
conditioners do require us to wait for them to “work their magic.” The process
is somewhat tedious, and it could get us in hot water with others who may need
to use the bathroom! However, all the effort pays off in the end, as it has a positive,
long-term effect on our strands. With proper use, a deep conditioner can
protect our hair from damage and ensure it’s always healthy, no matter what we
do to it.

#2 Prevents Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is a
telltale sign that we haven’t been paying attention to our hair care routine
all that much. Once the strands cannot take any more heat or processing, they
become brittle and snap away, leaving us with unmanageable hair that may need
to be cut off entirely at some point.

Luckily, regular deep conditioning
could easily prevent that. Deep conditioners are able to improve the elasticity
of the strands by hydrating our locks. The goal is to have hair that bounces
back into its shape when we pull it. That clearly shows it’s not only healthy
but strong enough to withstand manipulation.

#3 Strengthens Processed Hair

When it comes to hair
damage, there’s nothing worse than bleaching or color-treating our hair. Once
we do that, our hair structure changes, making the strands brittle and prone to

There’s nothing that
could repair the damage completely, so we’ll have to cut off the dead parts at
some point. However, since a deep conditioner can penetrate the strands and
“fill in” the damaged parts to support further hair growth, we may be able to
save some of it.

Besides, adding a deep
conditioner to our regular routine could help us transition from one shade to
another with ease. Since our hair will be mostly healthy, the damage will be
less obvious, even if we were to bleach it. In fact, some experts suggest that
women should prepare for going blonde by deep conditioning their hair a couple
of times (or for a few months) before dying it.

#4 Offers Extreme Hydration

Of course, most of the
benefits of a deep conditioner come down to extreme hydration. Since even the
weather can affect the quality of our locks, it’s important to ensure we lock
in the moisture and never let our hair become too brittle.

Because of that, most
experts recommend adding heat to the equation. By heating up the conditioner
before or while it’s on our hair, we’ll allow it to penetrate the hair shaft
better, thus injecting some vitality into it and making it healthier.

This tip is especially
important if your hair isn’t able to absorb and retain hydration that well (low
porosity hair). You should leave the conditioner in for a couple of hours and
add heat with a blow dryer, for example.

#5 Helps Us Grow Out Our Hair

The healthier our hair
is, the better the chance of it staying strong enough to grow out.

Sometimes, hair can be
so weak that even when it grows out, it starts breaking off in strands because
its weight is pulling it down. However, with a great deep conditioner, we can
actually fortify the cuticles. The treatment will provide them with all the
nutrients they need to stay strong enough for us to grow our tresses.

Furthermore, in many
cases, lack of proper care leads to split ends. These can travel up the shaft
and damage it further. Fortunately, regular deep conditioning treatments should
prevent that, thus allowing for reasonably fast hair growth and overall health.

#6 Defines Curls and Restores
Natural Shine

Finally, when it comes
to naturally kinky hair, women can rejoice. It is not uncommon for natural hair
to become unreasonably dry due to improper care. It could lack shine, curl
definition, and smoothness. Luckily, with a quality deep conditioner, all those
issues become a thing of the past!

The conditioner will
penetrate the shaft and smoothe it, hiding some of the damage that may have
been caused by improper care and excess use of heat, dyes, etc. At the same
time, it will reduce frizz and make the strands silky and shiny.

Also, in the case of
curly hair, a deep conditioning treatment can help us get more defined curls.
The more moisture we lock in place, the better and bouncier the curls are.

Final Thoughts

Though many women
believe a regular conditioner is enough to keep hair manageable, the truth is
somewhere in between. Of course, we should all strive to shampoo and condition
every time we wash our hair. However, without using a deep conditioner at least
once a week, the results won’t be so mesmerizing.

Nevertheless, there are
a few rules we ought to have in mind when deep conditioning our hair. We should
strive to use heat to our advantage, as that helps the product penetrate the
shaft better. What’s more, we must blot excess water before applying the
treatment and rinse it out with cool water, as that may help close the

More importantly, though
proper hair care is crucial, we shouldn’t overdo it. Even in the case of using
a high-quality deep conditioner, less is certainly more. Pampering our hair
once a week is quite enough to keep split ends and breakage at bay!

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